Japanese Fairy World
by William Elliot Griffis
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Read By:
Music By:
Jon Nicholls, SNK Music
Produced By:
Neil Gardner
Ladbroke Audio Ltd

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About The Audio

The 2011 devastation in Japan caused by the earthquake and tsunami shocked the world. We at Spokenworld Audio, alongside our friends and partners at Ladbroke Productions (Radio) Ltd and Ladbroke Audio Ltd are unashamed Japon-ophiles...we just love the place, the people and the culture. We have some great friends in Japan, and we felt it was important that we do what we could to help out.  

JAPANESE FAIRY WORLD, STORIES FROM THE WONDER-LORE OF JAPAN was produced by Neil Gardner at Ladbroke Audio in just a few days, with the incredible kind help and talents of many of the UK and US's finest Voice Over artists. With beautiful music donated by Jon Nicholls and Seb & Kayvan at SNK Music (and additional music from AKM Music). Within you will find 25 short-stories from the rich heritage of Japanese folk-tales. From demons and gods, to the creation of the Earth and the naming of mountains.  

Over 3.5 hours of fabulous audiobook readings!  

100% of the money raised from the sale of this unique audiobook continues to be donated by Spokenworld Audio and Ladbroke Audio to the RED CROSS JAPAN TSUNAMI/EARTHQUAKE APPEAL. We even donate the VAT as well! TO date we have raised almost £1000!  

The complete set comes as a zipped folder containing the 25 stories plus an introduction and end credits...all as high quality stereo 192kbps mp3 files...ready for importing into iTunes or on to an mp3 player of your choice!  

Before we get to the list of stories, let us tell you the incredibly generous readers who gave their time, talent (and studios!) to make this project a reality. If you are a producer/director, please take it from us, these people are fantastic and well worth hiring:  

The cover art was created by Tanja Glittenberg.  

Please Note: VAT is added automatically for those purchasing from the UK or EU countries. Spokenworld Audio and Ladbroke Audio Ltd will match the sum total of VAT as an additional donation to the appeal.  

Many thanks for your support and please continue to spread the news. We'd love to sell hundreds, if not thousands of copies and raise as much money as we can for the appeal.

Further Details
Story One - The Travels of Two Frogs Read by Ramon Tikaram
Story Two - The Meeting of the Star Lovers Read by Neil Gardner
Story Three - The Child of Thunder Read by George Washington III
Story Four - The Tongue-Cut Sparrow Read by Marty Perrett
Story Five - The Wonderful Tea-Kettle Read by Fran McClellen
Story Six - The Procession of Lord Long-Legs Read by Peter Dickson
Story Seven - The Fox & Badger Read by Natalie Cooper
Story Eight - The Fire-Fly's Lovers Read by Neil Gardner
Story Nine - Little Silver's Dream of the Shoji Read by Claire Lacey
Story Ten - Daikoku and the Oni Read by George Washington III
Story Eleven - The Battle of the Ape and the Crab Read by Mark Taylor
Story Twelve - The Tengus, Or the Elves with Long Noses Read by Justin Barrett
Story Thirteen - Kintaro, Or the Wild Baby Read by Taff
Story Fourteen - Watanabe Cuts Off the Oni's Arm Read by Patrick Lunt
Story Fifteen - Watanabe Kills the Giant Spider Read by Helen Quigley
Story Sixteen - The Lake of the Lute and the Matchless Mountain Read by Philip Banks
Story Seventeen - The Waterfall of Yoro - Claire Lacey
Story Eighteen - Raiko and the Shi-Ten Doji Read by Taff
Story Nineteen - The Sazaye amd the Tai Read by Rachel Ashley
Story Twenty - How The Sun Goddess Was Enticed Out Of Her Cave Read by Christopher Kent
Story Twenty One - Peach Prince and the Treasure Island Read by Julie Berry
Story Twenty Two - How The Jellyfish Lost Its Shell Read by Mark Taylor
Story Twenty Three - The Fisherman & the Moon Maiden Read by Katy Maw
Story Twenty Four - The Dream Story of Gojiro Read by Julie Berry
Story Twenty Five - The Creation of Heaven & Earth Read by Marian Kemmer